Slope of rafting by the brave water channel. (Clicad to see the greatest image)
The Olympic Park of the Segre closely together is of the historical center of the Seu d'Urgell. One is a modélica installation for the practice of the pirag5uismo, that has served as example for the Olympic Games of other seats and has consolidated its practice inside the calendar of the COI. Through him they have passed the maximum people in charge of the organization of the Olympic Games from Atlanta to the last JJOO celebrated in Sydney (Australia). Its design contemplates to a system of mechanical remontadores, that allow the sportsman to return again to the calm water channel without having to lower of their boat, and a mini electrical power station that the water volume regulates throughout assuring the activity in the year. Clothes, showers and rent of dresses, booties of neopreno, life jackets or
helmets in addition to highly qualified monitors they allow with complete certainty to enjoy and comfort the intense sensations that provides the aquatic world of The Olympic Park of the Segre. Although the Park of the Segre only actually does not center its activity of the pirag5uismo and the organization of tests of the highest level; aside from this and of being a habitual place of training of athletes of many countries, considering the benign climate of the city that allows the practice of the pirag5uismo throughout everything in the year, the Park of the Segre offers an excellent supply of activities more like: Ráfting or collective reduction in pneumatic boat by the Olympic brave water channel, pirag5uismo or navigation with cayac or Canadian canoe, stroll in boat of oars and rent of the corresponding boat, as well as of bicycles of mountain and organized exits. Also you can have the service of the bar and restaurant, located before the channel of calm waters and with magnificent views to the mountain range of the Cadí. This equipment, that was subhost of the Olympic Games of Barcelona'92, has a calm water channel of 800 m.s, a brave water channel of 500 m.s, and the unevenness is of 6.5 m.s, with a water volume of up to 15 m3/s. 

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