General Vista of Bescaran. (Clicad to see the greatest image).
Located to a 1,360 meters of height, Bescaran comprises, from in 1970 of the municipality of Valls de Valira. It is located in high valley of the river of Bescaran, affluent of head of the Segre. It is mentioned already in year 839. Of the old monastery of Bescaran, disappear, conserves a bell tower Romanesque (of that now we will speak) of three floors, with double windows. D'Urgell belonged to the chapter of the Seu. Within the term, near it limits with those of Aristot and Estamariu, is a great one dolmen denominated "Cabana of the Moor", where have been rest of the age of the bronze.
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A Bescaran les bruixes hi fan la cova gran
A Bescaran, senyors i escanyarrucs
A Bescaran, xics i grans, posen la paella al foc quan la gallina encara no ha posat l'ou al clot

It really seems as if an earthquake was separated the town of Bescaran of its historical parochial seat, when one arrives at this small pirenaica locality and it sees it remote of his magnificent bell tower Romanesque that was, in other times, the most visible symbol of the old monastery of Sant Martí de Bescaran. This tower bell tower, constructed between centuries XI and XII, is at the present time the symbol most characteristic and ancestral of Bescaran, without forgetting that in the same term is a dolménica cista denominated the "Cabana of the Moor", doubtless interest. The tower or bell tower Romanesque of Bescaran has a similarity with more than known Sant Climent or Santa Maria de Ta5ull, Erill the Vall or of others of the Valley of Boí, recently declared Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO. Here, but, any vestige of church has disappeared, of which still there were signs at the beginning of last century (s. XX).
The bell tower without church. (Clicad to see the greatest image).
The bell tower of Bescaran, in spite of the grief, we can say that there is been of luck, since in 1985 an expert like Lluís Vidal Arderiu, unfortunately already disappear, wrote up guidelines to follow restoration level, which, together with a subvention of the Delegation of Lleida, allowed that the construction followed still on. Such glory does not deserve those that a good day decided to lean to the bell tower the present cemetery of Bescaran. Same Vidal Arderiu speaks in the memory processed for the reconstruction of "unfortunate cemetery that, by its dimensions, distorts the vision of the bell tower". The access to the monument Romanesque becomes by the low part, through a way from which the vision of the monument is made difficult enormously. In spite of the grief we have to thank for its reconstruction on time if we are taken care of the own words of Lluís Vidal Arderiu when in 1985 it said that "the state of the construction is lamentable due to the absolute abandonment that has suffered". The románica tower bell tower of Bescaran is of square plant, 4.40 Xs 4.40 meters and has an equal height to the perimeter of the plant, following the guidelines that the documents indicated for the construction of military towers. Retaking a little history, is necessary to say that the name of pre-Romanesque Bescaran is of origin and that its name already figure in the act of consecration of the cathedral of the Seu d'Urgell, recognized document of was worth, year 839. To the following century, in the 914, the old monastery of Sant Martí de Bescaran was united to the one of Sant Serni de Tavèrnoles. Later the church served as parish, as which as there are saying, at the beginning of the last century still some of the old walls were conserved.

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