To one hour of way from vila of Organyà, on foot, of course, one is the Font Bordonera, one of most beautiful and abundant of all the Pyrenean one, and that the beginning of the river of Fontanet marks, that more down crosses the plain until taking apart to the Segre. The natural place is also of a doubtless beauty, populated by trees and shrubs, specially great and leafy holly that does an pleasant shade the days of summer when the sun warms up of pretty it. The people of Organyà always have been very proud and loving of her source. As much she is so at the end of century XIX, every year, a indicated day, the pregonero accompanied by a member of the City council raised and published a side in which she threatened myself punishing to whatever a holly started or touched a stone of its site in the surroundings of the source. Like all the great calcárea water pools, the Bordonera and its river, the Fontanet, have produced with the passage of the centuries and the millenia a great amount of tufa, or pumice stone. This stone of a a little yellowish, spongy and slight tone, that is left, to cut and to work with much facility, been has used by our ancestors to build numerous warehouses in houses of Organyà. The same church of Santa Maria has the apse, in good part constructed with this stone
The entrance to the enclosure (clicad to see the greatest photo). .
The Font Bordonera when it is born (clicad to see the greatest image).
porous, light and very resistant to the atmospheric agents, who stay signs although already for thousand years she has been being outdoors, since Santa Maria de Organyà was constructed throughout first half of century XI Exists a tradition that the last generations have transmitted of parents to children and who have arrived until us by oral channel. All the people of vila have heard it more of once. In her she explains herself that the count of Sellent and his wife had a daughter who, unfortunately, I am blinds. After exhausting all the means that they had to his reach, with the purpose of giving back the vision to if daughter, made a promise: to give the Font Bordonera, of which they were gentlemen, to Santa Maria de Organyà if her daughter recovered the Vista. Bruniselda, this era its name, recovered, in one to open and to close of eyes (never rather) but the joy made forget the done promise them. The young person lost the vision again and their parents, sorry of all heart, renewed the promise, and nonsingle that, even lead the water until their feet, with which they surrounded the dressing room. Then the daughter of the counts healed definitively and never she returned more to the blindness. 
To weighing to be a legend, a copy of an old writing exists that could be related to this fact. 
According to the mentioned document, with date of 15 of June of year 1299, the donation of the source on the part of Mr. Arnau de Sellent and his woman became serious, Sància, to our Gentleman and Santa Maria de Organyà, as well as to the canons present then and those that would be in the future. The Font Bordonera welcomes numerous visitors. The day of maximum apogee is   Monday of Passover Florida, day in in as one is celebrated concurred romería. After the mass, that is celebrated outdoors, very many people remain to eat in her environs. The zone is of a wild beauty, and into which the murmur of the water that flows of the source turns into an pleasant music. The place is full of tables, seats and barbecues, as well as of landings where great and small they can spend an pleasant day in total nature. 
In the front door to the enclosure a board with a poem of the teacher is seen, writer and poet Francesc Espar and Tressens, as a result of a tribute that vila of Organyà rendered to him to this illustrious son of the population in 1991.

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