House of Civís. (Clicad to see the greatest image). 
Town of the Alt Urgell, that had been, formerly, an independent municipality but that in 1970, was united with the neighboring towns to form the present municipality of Them Valls de Valira. One is in the head of the valley of Civís that is a variant of the Valley of Sant Joan and very next to the limit with the Principality of Andorra, of which it separates the Coll de Canòlic and the one of Vista, located both between the tip of Cauver, 2051 meters of altitude, and the Mountain range of Francolí. It crosses his territories from north to the this river of Civís that, when arriving at Sant Joan Fumat, tour to the East to become affluent of the Valira, to the height of the Farga de Moles. 
The old castle of Civís belonged to the vizcondado one of Castellbò. In the slopes of mountains of the town if they can appreciate a great number of "edges" like those of Corvassill, Vallviguera, of Mitjà, Jussà Sobirà, Prats etc., and the most known everywhere, like those of Conflent. The town of Civís is to about 1511 meters of altitude, in the southern slope of the Bony of the Caubera, of 2051 meters. Topónimo of Civís etimológicamente has origins pre-románicos. " Civici ", and its parish is already mentioned in the Act of Consecration of the Cathedral of the Seu d'Urgell in year 839, whereas in other documents that make reference to historical valley of Sant Joan Fumat
appears to us with the name of "Cevicz". Was Civís a fortified population. The book "Spill", of year 1519 mentioned the defenses of this town. The románica parish of Sant Romà consists of a single ship with the square head and two small equally square apses, of which the one of tramontana has disappeared after a remodeling that underwent the temple. It has the door in the facade, that watches the East, and the bell tower is located together in the northeast angle. One is a tower of square plant, with large windows to four winds in his third floor and that is covered with a piramidal slate tile roof.

City council.   Tel.: Greater celebration, ér Sunday of October.

Celebration " of the Roser ", to 1er Sunday of July. 

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