The town of Organyà raised a monument to Homilies. (Clicad to see the greatest image). 
In the "Plaça dels Arbres" of Organyà rises a pretty building, erected like Monument to the Homilies of Organyà, that are the literary document older writing in oldest the Catalan language and of all writings in anyone of the peninsular languages. Although the original ones are in the Library of Catalonia is worth the trouble to make a stop in the way, to enjoy a good food, to choose between the ample gastronomical supply that offers the villa of Organyà, and, like no, to visit this monument that welcomes photographies of Homilies, with explanatory forms, bibliography and transcription of the original document and the translations to Catalan the present one, to the Castilian, the French, the German and the English. This attractiveness is often complemented with exhibitions of artists of the region.
The Homilies were discovered by the Dr Joaquim Miret and Sans, historian and jurist, the month of September of year 1904, while it searched carefully in vicaría of Organyà parchments of the file of the colegiata extinguished one of Santa Maria, who was founded by the gentlemen of Caboet on century X or principles of the IX. The finding consisted of a small parchment notebook of three leaves doubled by half, that is, six folios of 18 centimeters of stop by 12.5 of wide, written by both faces, with 23 rays of writing in each one of them, indicated strongly with a striker pin and an average of 50 to 55 letters by each each ray. More ahead other leaves were already found that they complemented to first, so that today the manuscript consists of 8 folios written by both parts, with a total of 16 pages. The character of the letter is the own one of the time of transition to the gothic one, and the quality of the parchment, enough thickness and ordinary. Certain particularitities of the language make think the scholars who this manuscript is original of the times of reeinado of Pedro I the Catholic (1196-1213). The text is written in catalan, nonProven1cal, even though is in him some words little known the Catalan language. According to the experts the Homilies of Organyà belong to century XI, and more concretely the 1095 can be located between the 1080 and. The exhibition hall of Homilies is open, habitually, during the months of summer. You can yet be directed to the City council, who facilitates visits arranged to the monument the rest of the year. He is, anyway, recommendable to telephone first a the City council, to . The municipal civil employees, not to only will open the door you, if not that in addition this important document and its history will give you to all class of explanations on. 

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