The market from porches. (Clicad to see the greatest image). 
Between arcs, porches, and medieval capitals, breathing the medieval perfume of century XII, in the Seu d'Urgell mounts, Tuesdays and Saturdays, everything a spectacle: the market. Color, noises and scents of the orchard and modernity are mixed between salesmen who are farmers, retailers, town, tourists and also onlookers. They cross a way privileged for history, the high street, the street of the Canons and the seat of the WHO, before the cathedral of Santa Maria, symbol of a great town, that was capital of Spain during three days. The history of the market of the Seu begins in the Average Age, when horsemen and horses could not nor imagine as he would change this Olympic city. While these fought in spectacular matches, the farmers, the cattle dealers and even, vinicultores, it has rained much since then, lowered of the towns next to the city to offer best products of this earth.
They were not many, reason why everybody was known and it was not necessary to distribute the space. It was known which was the site of everyone and they were respected. Tomatos, peppers, potatoes and kidney beans in summer were exposed in wicker baskets. The currency was little, and the commercial activity, if therefore it is possible to be defined, was transformed in the origin of Capitalism: the exchange. Rabbits or hens exchanged themselves to fresh vegetables by, and still it was not spoken of television. With century XX a new dictatorship arrived, but almost everything continued equal: the ginesta made scent, but the bailiff or began to collect fifteen or twenty-five pesetas by the shutdown right. Now in the market, temple of the best gastronomy, is not only bought and it is sold, lives itself. The market is lived and it lives itself on the market, clear is. The Earth products are being moved by those of intuitive retailers whom they buy to the greater one in the wholesale market of Mercabarna. The great supermarkets of inside and outside the Seu, mainly of Andorra, compete ferociously with the traditional market.
No longer it is sold like formerly, perhaps because to go it represents to waste time, that is a class of more valuable credit card that the Card Masters. It must take a walk between the tight corridors that draw rows of faced shutdowns. In " super "the everything he is faster". "But it has another taste, is not so natural". 
Most pessimistic they think that it will disappear, others do not want to think on his future. And, luckyly many have in the market of the Seu a forced appointment Tuesdays and Saturdays 
Today we can buy clothes of last fashion, shoes, "cassettes", leather shop, tables, chairs, or toys. It is an encounter site more, a place where to meet "girl Hears, that is cheap, thousand pesetas, thousand pesetas", " To three hundred, socks to three hundred " You already know it, everything is very cheap. They see the market, reigns!
The fruit shutdowns. (Clicad to see the greatest image).

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