General Vista of Tuixén 
Municipality of the Alt Urgell, annexed in the 1973 to the one of Josa of the Cadí, with the official name of Josa i Tuixén. The old one I finish, bordering with the Berguedà and the Solsonès, includes/understands the head of the Vall de Lavansa, longitudinal valley formed by the confluence of those of Josa and the Mola, between them "Serres Interiors" (flowing meridionals of the Cadinell, 2,112 m.s of altitude), to the north, and the Exteriors of the Pre-Pyrenean (flowing northern of the mountain ranges of the Port of the Comte), to the south. A great part of I finish is occupied by forests (635 have) of coniferous and by pasturajes (1,700 have); the cultures limit some extensions of cereals and potatoes and some meadows of irrigated land.
The town is to 1,206 meters of altitude and crowning   the confluence of both valleys. Mentioned the 839 already, Borrell II of Barcelona-Urgell bequeathed to Santa Maria of the Seu d'Urgell (as we said before), donation confirmed (after frequent and prolonged usurpations) by Ermengol (1028) and Ermengol IV (1092). The existence of two churches, in addition to the parochial one of Sant Esteve, and the diverse villas that are attributed to him, reveal an importance and a remarkable density of population. 
To Tuixén d'Urgell can be acceded by asphalt road from the Seu and Solsona. Of Tuixén to Josa there is a highway, that continuous later until Gósol, of recent construction. During the Average Age, Tuixén belonged to the chapter of the cathedral of Urgell. 
Most of I finish municipal of Josa i Tuixén is concentrated in this last population. 
Traditionally agriculturist and cattle dealer, of years for have oriented themselves here towards the tourist sector. The creation of a Nordic ski resort and the opening of different residences houses from payes have contributed, of special way simultaneously to conserve the number of inhabitants who to consolidate, with this new direction, its population.

The data  Of interest
City council: Greater celebration: The second Sunday of September
Doctor's office:                                 The second Sunday of october
School:      "Romería": Sant Jaume, sunday closest to the 25 of July
Lodge:       Fairs: "Fira de la Vall". Bridge of the Immaculate one
Nordic ski resort: *
Office of tourism:      *
Firemen:                   *
Natural park Cadí-Moixeró, C/ de la Vinya, num 1, -08695- Bagà Tel.: and *

El Museu de les Trementinaires. In Tuixén you can visit the "Museum of them Trementinaires". These were recolectoras and traveling salesmen of trementina and curativas grass. Now that already is disappear, the museum of Tuixén has recovered them of the ethnographic patrimony of the valley. 
You can see the drawing of your extended right if clicais upon her, in addition you have the history detailed of the museum on this old office, (that comprises of "the route of the offices of yesterday "which it has promoted the Local Consell of the Alt Urgell"), simultaneously that you will know who were "trementinaires" and the trementina if click in the connection of above, as well as some remedies used between half-full century XIX until their disappearance, dated year 1982.
Trementinaires gathering grass in the forest (Drawing of Oriol Garcia i Quera)
The Romanesque one. You cannot happen through Tuixén without visiting the church of Sant Esteve de Tuixén. And if you simultaneously want to walk just a little bit you can line up the way towards the chapel of Sant Jaume, that you will find just in the route that will take to Josa. 

The cross-country skiing. The Nordic ski resort of Tuixent-Lavansa, that initiated its walking in the middle of the Eighties, offers to the lovers of this sport 25 kilometers of signalized tracks. One is in the highway that raises from Tuixén towards the Coll de Port. Like no, also the excursions by the Natural Parc of the Cadí-Moixeró are recommendable.

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