Old corral of Lime Teixidoret, present museum. (Clicad to see the greatest image). 
Because to find with a museum dedicated to the vine and the wine us, in the Pont of Bar, she will be surely one of the questions that we will become. It is necessary to go back to the Average Age to understand of the existence of this small museum -framed in the route of the offices of yesterday-. Only one hundred years ago the vineyards were the main culture in many places of the Pyrenees. Towards end of century XIX the phylloxera completely destroyed the vines of all Catalonia, and of course, also those of the Alt Urgell. This event was determining for the future of the region. As well as in other places of Catalan geography they did the impossible thing with the purpose of recovering the grapevines, in the Alt Urgell the future would happen through the introduction of milk cows and, logically, a substantial change in the landscape. 
The locality of the Pont of Bar is an example of the Earth advantage for the culture of the vine.
Their terraces, still visible face, raised stepped from the shore of the Segre to the towns of Aristot and Castellnou de Carcolze, encaramados in the mountain. The "bancales" of the Pont of Bar are, without no type of doubt, a most interesting example of applied popular engineering to the activities for the subsistence. 
This small and graceful museum is located in the old Lime corral Teixidoret, in the same entrance of the new town. It has two floors with independent accesses. In the superior part everything is exposed what towards reference to the culture of the vine, whereas the inferior floor is dedicated to the processing of the wine. But the playful and cultural supply of the Pont of Bar does not finish here. From the museum we can take the old way of Cerdanya, that will take us town to the old, destroyed to per the serious floods of year 1982. From the highway we will see, on the other hand, an excellent perspective of the old vines and bancales of the Pont of Bar. 

Schedules of opening to the public: 
Festive Saturdays, Sundays and: of them 11 to the 1 of the noon 
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Extracted information of the opuscule published by the Local Consell of l'Alt Urgell: "Route of the offices of yesterday"