The municipal term of Organyà is located in the shore of the same name, between the defile of Tresponts, to the north, and the bridge of Spy, to the south. The east, the term limits with the Segre river and the west with the mountain of Santa Fe (1,207 m.s), who dominates the Vila. Within the term of Organyà, at noon, we found the enclave of Fontanet, that belongs to the municipality of Cabó. They water to the term the river Segre, the river of Cabó, shortly before its confluence with this, and it laughed it of Fontanet. The Vila supplies itself of the water of the Font Bordonera. By the east of the municipality the highway C-14 passes (before C-1313), that communicates Organyà 
with the Urgellet and the Cerdanya and, by the other end, with Coll de Nargó, Oliana and the level territories of Lleida. This highway, in the same population, it leaves the one that go to the valley of Cabó and Montanisell and the one that, crossing the Segre, takes to Fígols. At the medieval time, the Vila de Organyà to the priorato of Organyà and the counts of Foix were disputed to it, vizcondes of Castellbò. Both armies contenders reached finally an agreement of condominium, sealed in year 1232 with the company/signature of a "Pariatge". Formerly, the Fair of Sant Andreu de Organyà was one of the most concurred of the Pyrenean one. Although their origins are not documented, we know that already a fair in century XII. existed was celebrated throughout more than one week and also concentrated animals of round foot (horses mainly) coming from all the Alt Urgell and of the Pallars, the Cerdanya, the Solsonès, the Urgell, Aragón, Andorra and France. It attracted buyers of these places, in addition to others of the Valencian Country and Castile. After a time of deep changes, these last years the Fair of Sant Andreu has taken a new push with a space dedicated to products craftsmen. Most of territories of culture they are occupied at the moment by cultures destined to the feeding of the cattle, as much of milk, as for the fattening, main cattle activity of the municipality. Half-full the Seventies, the installation of a factory of the Taurus group gave an important economic impulse to the municipality. The good communication of Organyà has let grow the services related to the tourism. In addition to the restoration establishments, for few years it has been beginning to work a municipal company that is in charge to harness the attractiveness of the term and that at the moment manages the camping and a school of flight in parapente. Also a deprived company of adventure sports has been created. The population concentrates itself in the only nucleus of the term, the Vila de Organyà, with a beautiful historical center, at the moment in restoration process. To lose itself by its narrow streets is one of the activities placenteras than the visitor can live.


The Homilies. In 1904 one was in vicaría of Vila one of the oldest prosas written in Catalan. The text, known like Homilies of Organyà, corresponds to six sermons with commentaries of several gospels and epistles. His origin it is necessary to locate it between end of century XII and principles of the XIII. The original document is conserved in the Library of Catalunya, but in Organyà reproductions are exposed. You can contemplate in the room, call also of Homilies, where there is installed simultaneously the office of tourism of the population. 

The Romanesque one. The colegiata of Santa Maria de Organyà, was built in time of the bishop Room (981-1010). The building, of basilical plant of three ships, has been remodelado at several times. Of style Romanesque, the apse, semicircular and ornamented with friso with arcuaciones lombardas, and the wall of the west are conserved, in where the door is opened, with three arcs pointed in degradation. 

The parapente. The mountain of the Cogulló, to the north of the term, is an ideal site to send itself in wing of slope, or parapente. The atmospheric characteristics of the plain of Organyà turn the place into an authentic paradise for the lovers of this sport of adventure. Yes you are wanted to initiate, in the School of Flight of Organyà you will be able to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge that they will allow you to enjoy emotions the maximum guarantees of security. 

The Font Bordonera. (clicad to know more things on this pretty place, also of forced visit).

Extension 11.54 km2 Organyà 15 of August
Population 1,010 inhabitants "ROMERÍAS" *
City council Tel. Font Bordonera Monday of Passover
Firemen 085 (Recommended) Santa Fe Monday of Pentecostés
Pharmacy Tel. FAIRS *
TRANSPORT AND TRIPS Of the drawing 2º Sunday of August
Vilà-Betriu Buses Of Sant Andreu Last weekend of November
Ctra Lleida, Km 108 * Sundays *
Font Bordonera * Santa Fe
Organyà Organyà Turístic Sa
* * Parapent Pirinenc

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Extracted data of the opuscule " Els colors of the Pirineu " published by the Local Consell of l'Alt Urgell